Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Trail Blazers uniforms can withstand changes

The Blazers' road uniform
The Portland Trail Blazers are considering uniform changes for 2015-16, according to Blazer’s Edge. Contemplation of whether their current set requires tinkering seems appropriate, then.

To put it briefly, no changes are necessary. In fact, the Blazers have one of the best home and road sets in the league and are proof that good basic uniform elements can withstand alterations.

Their current home and road set breathes rare air: it’s interesting while staying understated and attractive.

The scoop collar looks great and, as their red alternate’s unflattering collar proves, is a significant factor is these uniforms’ success.

On that red alternate: it’s ok, but using the stripes from the homes and roads would be an upgrade on those tapered ones and removing the logo from the neckline and ‘rip city’ from the shorts would be an improvement, too. The "Rip City" alternates, meanwhile, are a hindrance to the Blazers' set.

Back to their current home and road set. The diagonal stripes on the jersey and vertical ones down the left of the shorts are a simple but appealing element, boosted by the Blazers’ colour scheme. The clean right side of the uniform is a nice, anti-clutter move.

The fonts for the word mark, player’s name and number are acceptably plain so as not to take away from the rest of the uniform elements.

All that written, a tweak or two is not to be feared. The Blazers have shown that.

The word mark and number font had drop shadow from 1991-2002. There also wasn’t a silver stripe then, just red and white. The word mark on both the homes and roads used to be red and in lowercase. And for a long stretch they went with a coloured waistband.

So the impressive uniforms we see today are the product of some slight modernisations.

If the Blazers maintain their colour scheme and designations and keep the scoop collar and the diagonal stripes, it’d be hard for any adjustments to render their set unattractive.

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