Tuesday, 5 November 2013

NBA teams who should follow the retro trend

Phoenix's retro look
The Phoenix Suns’ new gear, featured in last week’s post on fresh uniforms for 2013-14, is inspired by what they wore in the ‘90s.
It’s nothing new for NBA teams to take pointers for their new unis from ones they’ve worn previously. Other recent examples include the Warriors, Wizards, Cavaliers, Jazz and 76ers. Teams such as the Nuggets, Heat and Bucks have done it with alternate uniforms. History will likely play a role in the new look of the Charlotte franchise, set to become the Hornets next season.

While most teams could learn something from uniforms past, here are four teams that could benefit significantly from reinstating uni elements they once wore.

Minnesota Timberwolves
Reverting to their old blue and green colour scheme would be a major improvement on their dingy current one. More than just a colour scheme change is in order though; a total switch from modern-and-edgy to classic would work. That means they should embrace their old scoop collar, waistband, and shorts and armhole trim.

Check out that ‘Minnesota’ script from their old logo. That or something similar could look superb on a jersey.

Los Angeles Clippers

Like the Timberwolves, the Clippers should embrace a more classic look. Their current cursive script and colour scheme call for it. They should draw inspiration from these ‘80s uniforms.

Notice how there is no outline cluttering the numbers or jersey script on those unis. Reinstating that exact number font mightn’t work, but something like that would be superior to their current choice. Bring back the scoop collar, striped waistband, shorts piping and clean jersey sides, too.

Houston Rockets

The red and yellow days of the Rockets
They should ditch the silver and reinstate the red and yellow colour scheme used prior to the mid-‘90s.

The angled script and clean uniform sides – those curved stripes on the sides of their current set are particularly unsightly – would be welcome returnees.

Indiana Pacers

Using their late ‘80s uniforms as inspiration could lead to a more attractive jersey script for the Pacers.

It should be modernized first though, and they could do without the horizontal colour panel.

Unlike other suggestions here, it wouldn’t require a complete reversion to a classic look or a change in colour scheme.

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