Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Lessons from four green uniforms

The Memphis Tams throwback
Here are four uniforms, all of them featuring green, that could teach NBA teams something.

Atlanta Hawks 1970-72 alternate

That loud colour combo is acceptable, although only just. The white piping seems like it actually helps this uniform, an unusual example of white trim working as a third colour. Where it doesn’t work is on the Hawks’ current roads and alternate. One aspect of that ‘70s uniform Atlanta should consider reviving is the arched Hawks word mark on the left leg of the shorts.

Dallas Mavericks 1981-92 road

This stands out as being far more vibrant that what the Mavericks currently wear. It’s also a reminder that the Mavs have a history of clarity issues. For the most part it’s an attractive, classic-look uniform. It noticeably falters with the legibility of the word mark, though. The number outlining is also a negative. The Mavericks have had the same issues to varying degrees since wearing this uni, although their ‘93-‘01 blue roads were clear. Today, they sport an iffy number font and their road word mark doesn’t stand out well with the blue-on-blue format.

Memphis Tams throwback worn by Memphis Grizzlies

Not only does this catch the eye because of the contrasting jersey and shorts, but the colours are also bright. It’s still a respectable uniform. Simplicity, meaning no side panels or messy collars, would help teams go with a mismatching jersey and shorts today. A team’s colour scheme is also obviously important. The Bucks, Hawks, Pistons and Sixers are among the teams that seem to have the colours to succeed with a mismatch. It’d be hard to get it right, and there aren’t any standout candidates, but it could be done for a regular uniform today.

Utah Jazz 1979-84 road

This uniform is another reminder of the benefits of clean jersey sides. The current Jazz alternate and this uniform have some significant similarities. The reason why the old uniform is so superior to the current one is largely to do with its freedom from the blue panels down the side. The v-neck of the old uniforms looks better than the current iteration due to the bolder yellow and white trim.

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