Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A look at the busy All-Star game uniforms

The 2014 All-Star uniforms
The 2014 All-Star game uniforms were cluttered, and would have been even if the Adidas stripes and logo were removed.

To begin with a positive: the green and blue on the East uniforms contrasted nicely. The green was a tinge too close to fluoro, but the colour combo was solid and an unfamiliar one. The West’s gear didn’t contrast as well.

The number and name fonts were restrained. More of each uniform should have followed that tone.

The chest logos looked a bit messy, probably the result of the fleur-de-lis being oversized and covered by both “E” and “EAST”, or “W” and “West”.

The collars looked particularly poor, both the shape and the coloured flaps. That cut probably wouldn’t look as bad with more detail around the neckline.

The spots on the shorts – far more noticeable for the East – were clutter. The shorts looked more like gym gear than part of an NBA uniform.

The coloured socks were okay, but far too busy to be anything more, particularly considering the rest of the two uniforms.

It is reasonable – although not necessary – for the NBA to have funky uniforms for the All-Star game. The one-night, high-profile nature of the game makes it suitable for trying new designs. But couple one or two edgy elements, if you must, with a more classic look. There’s no need for the uniforms to be so unattractive.

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