Tuesday, 24 December 2013

New Hornets logos aggressive but harmless

The Hornets' new primary logo
The logos and word mark for next season’s Charlotte Hornets are unfortunately modern but acceptable nonetheless.

The colours of the primary logo, even the grey, look sharp. The generically-aggressive demeanour of the hornet is a negative and the basketball for his body seems forced.

The word mark takes up too much room on the logo and obscures the hornet too much. It’s reminiscent of the New England Patriots' word mark and the Minnesota Vikings' number font. It looks like it’ll age quickly.

The C-shaped hornet secondary is similar to the Atlanta Hawks alternate. A simplified version of the primary probably would’ve been superior.

The modernized Hugo secondary looks good. It would’ve been better, though, had they retained Hugo dribbling a basketball and kept his stripes. Hopefully next season’s Hornets don’t do away with stripes on the jersey trim too. The 'H' on the updated Hugo’s body also looks a bit off.

The ‘C’ alternate is likeably simple and, along with the Hugo secondary, is the best part of the new Hornets look. It’ll also provide the Hornets with a link to their Bobcats days.

The other four logos are unimpressive, but they might only be used in rare or specific instances, anyway.

These logos and word mark, along with the press release to announce them, suggest that the new uniforms could suffer from trying to be fearsome.

The release referred to the hornet in the primary logo as “aggressive-looking” and “ready to attack”.

“We developed a logo that physically depicted the characteristics and DNA of the type of team we want on the court, as well as those of hornets and the city of Charlotte,” said Bobcats Sports and Entertainment President and COO Fred Whitfield.

That kind of talk suggests that flawed uniforms – the unis are expected to be released in the summer – could follow. Scoop collars, coloured waistbands and restraint aren’t synonymous with aggression.

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