Thursday, 24 October 2013


With the beginning of the 2014 NBA season a mere 5 days away, it seems timely to get this page up and running, and add a brief introduction to supplement the title summary. Each week, throughout the season (and hopefully beyond), the 'Prophecies from the Parquet' blog will run features with random notes on games, observation and opinion pieces, delve into the NBA League Pass abyss, and attempt to display wizardry by playing the role of an NBA GM and solving problems through Trade Machine insanity. Occasionally, the blog will include tidbits and items of interest from around the Association.

The aim is for the portfolio and content of this blog to continue to expand, with a range of contributors and topics of discussion. Ultimately, the page is operated through interest, and as a labour of love, so attempt to interpret and consider the content accordingly.

Ideally, the blog will include regular and near-daily posts and updates, with the potential for it to spill over to other social media platforms. At this stage, though, we are working on fine-tuning the primary page and establishing it as a reliable source for detail, entertainment, and importantly, a point of difference.


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